ICT In Trinidad And The Region

From time to time I ask tech related questions on my social streams. Recently I asked "What do you think Trinidad and the region is lacking in terms of ICT?" I got a few responses. Two persons thought that it was a loaded question making it difficult to answer. Tracy Hackshaw replied with, "critical thinking as opposed to 'criticism thinking', less talk and more action, creativity as opposed to innovation and vision with pragmatism as opposed to unrealistic expectations." All these I can agree with. Someone replied that we were lacking online credit card transactions while someone else commented that we have the appearance of ICT, but it is just an illusion. Sherwin Ramnarine thinks we need more public data. I thought about it myself and this is the list that I came up with

  • Less of a digital divide
  • Number portability
  • Digital OTA TV
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable ICT Minister
  • More online services
  • More businesses with an online presence
  • More ICT in schools
  • More local content
  • Increased use of FOSS
  • Rank higher in global ICT rankings
  • Follow up with recommendations from ICT studies
  • Encourage entrepreneurship in the ICT space

What would you like to add to the discussion? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


  1. Better opportunities for those who want to learn about it for passion and proficiency and not just to be a skill to get a job.

  2. Trinidad and Tobago is 159 years behind the so called ICT world that it is not funny. Stop fooling people in saying that we are at the top when we never moved from the same spot. We have to do better.

    1. What do we have to do better?

    2. Put better things in place to inform people and not mislead them. Upgrade our way of thinking. Be more open to new things. The tech that I am exposed to is cars that run without gas, wearable tags when you go to a hospital or party, adults and kids can read the tag if the child gets lost. Trust me, I have seen that too many times. There's a new liquid that you can wash your whole work uniform with that will never get wet, mud, grease, anything, it just slides right off. Teach the little ones by those in ICT to create, not just apps for phones. I can go on about the things that I am exposed to. I feel as if I am leaving my country behind. How about robotic limbs for people who can't walk or use their arms? A+ and ICT is fixed to one thing. As I have been told there is a whole new world to explore. IT is for anyone who is willing to learn. And I meant what I say, we need to do better.