5 Fitness Apps That I Have Used

A lot of people are into the fitness craze. I've become less active over the last year but I still workout from time to time. I like keeping track of my activities (usually walking or elliptical) and sharing them on twitter. I used to do outdoor walking a lot but I have found that indoor elliptical and cardio are more convenient. Although, outdoor is relaxing as you get to connect with nature. I have used several different apps over the years and have now settled on RunKeeper. I have used RunKeeper with GPS enabled to track pace, calories burnt and map my walk. That works extremely well. It even voices progress at regular intervals. Some fitness apps like Nike+ work with wearable tech to track your progress. Samsung recently launched the Gear Fit that works with their new S5 and S Health app. I asked my social streams, "What fitness apps do you use?Krs responded, "Argus, Moves, Runkeeper and Fitocracy" while Robert responded, "Noom and  Moves" and Sachin responded, "Endomondo and Noom". Below are 5 apps that I have used. Please share with us the apps that you have used in the comments below.


S Health


Noom Cardio Trainer

Adidas miCoach


  1. RunKeeper and Fitbit. Then I layer on top Everymove for rewards and Beeminder for goal tracking.

  2. I use the adidas' miCoach and I am pleased with it. The feature that has me sticking with it the training options. You can create a training program based on your goal.

    But I do like Runtastics mapping feature to show you the hot zones where you sped up.

  3. CarePass.... Provides a good portal to several other fitness apps in one place.

  4. Thanks for your suggestions.