WE Music (Local Mobile App)

Startup Weekend Trinidad 2013. Photo credit : Alixzandar Morle

Yet another local music mobile app has been developed. According to their facebook page "WE Music is an online music streaming website and app that caters to music stemming out of the Caribbean." The WE Music project participated in the last Startup Weekend Trinidad. I contacted them and asked a few questions and got the following responses

What is the app about? The app allows users to easily find Caribbean music and stream them on the go. Right now we're in beta so we're mainly focusing on the listener experience but we also intend to help artistes as well by allotting 50% of all We Music revenue as artiste royalties.

What technologies were utilised to build the app? The technologies used were Android for the front-end and Windows Azure for scalable cloud services for music storage and SQL database functionality. There is also a Web api middle layer to make the eventual support of additional devices easy. For e.g. a web version is currently in development.

How do you plan to monetise the app? We plan to monetise the app via a freemium model. Users on a free account will experience ads both audio and visual. Paying users will not experience ads and will have access to additional features.

Who are the team behind the app? The team behind the app is currently 3 people. I, David Hamilton, am the CEO and developer of the android version. Anthony Zamore is head of all business, accounting and money related tasks. Kendall Arneaud is the lead developer on the website version.

Any thoughts about app development in Trinidad? App development has been picking up in Trinidad which is good and there are many of quality. The only problem I find is that there are not enough apps that reflect our culture. Also, a lot of apps don't seem to have a proper business model. Our aim is to avoid both of those problems.

Any other comments? The last comment is that we hope everyone enjoys the beta and we look forward to receiving feedback, fixing bugs and tweaking experiences to suit. Our aim is to have an official launch once we have validated our idea with all the user scrutiny.

The Android app is set to launch tomorrow. Please follow them on facebook and download the app and give it a try. Also, please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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