Samsung Unpacked 5

Update (24 FEB 2014) : I started writing this update 5 hours before the start. I was up since 4am brimming with excitement. By 2pm I had already taken a bath and was wearing my favourite blue shorts. Below are the key points I took away from the event followed by some screenshots from the live stream. The event started @ 3pm TT time and more than 304,000 viewers tuned in to the YouTube live stream which started off with beautiful music from an orchestra.

  • Samsung has been one of the major contributors to the mobile industry's high growth.
  • More than 200 million customers have chosen the Galaxy S devices.
  • Our customers want beautiful design and performance, simple and powerful camera, faster and seamless connectivity, durability and a device to help them stay fit.
  • Download booster software.
  • Fitness tools combined with Gear Fit device.
  • Ultra power saving mode.
  • Modern and refreshing design.
  • People inspired innovation.
  • We will focus on what matters to consumers.
  • Improving human life is at the heart of Samsung.
  • New collection of settings icons.
  • 5.1" full HD super amoled screen with local contrast enhancement or super dimming and adaptive display.
  • Longer battery life with 2,800 mAh battery.
  • Fast focus hybrid AF 16MP camera with HDR mode and selective focus.
  • Full LTE coverage and Wi-Fi MIMO (802.11ac)
  • Water and dust resistant.
  • Finger scanner for security, private mode and payments. Encrypted and never shared.
  • Improved Gear devices and ANT+ support.
  • Heart rate sensor on the S5.
  • Wireless charger and other accessories.
  • To be released on April 11 in nearly 150 countries.

My overall impression : I have used the Note1, S3 and S4 and had good experiences. Samsung is in a good position as a major player, all they have to do is listen to the consumers. I asked my social streams "What do you want to see in the Samsung Galaxy S5?" and got the following responses. Several were addressed by the S5. For me I wished the S5 had OTA radio and TV.

  • Them ditching the thin plastic design for something with more of a premium feeling - Zafir
  • Fast updates - Randall
  • Waterproof and drop ability, no cases pls - Arthur
  • A fat battery that allows 5 to 6 hours of screen time and for them to ease off the skinning and keep it stock-ish - Warren
  • Native android lol - Kern
  • Less Samsung extraneous 'stuff' installed on the phone - Andre
  • Better battery life, base on tech advance and features all I really want is better battery life - Anonymous
  • Less junk, more pure android experience - Kevin
  • Cheaper price. Lol - Warren
  • Colours and thinner and a smite bigger too - Daman
  • Fingerprint sensor, that seems to be great security if it works correctly. The usual points of smoother UI, longer battery life etc - Angel
  • Better battery life - Stephen
  • Maybe no Android at all? - Mark
  • New material. I'm done with the cheap plastic look - Hugh
  • An LCD3 screen. I hate AMOLED screens - John

Thanks for all the comments. Greatly appreciated. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Update (22 FEB 2014) : Samsung has announced their next version Gear devices ahead of Mobile World Congress 2014. It's the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo running Tizen instead of Android.

Update (21 FEB 2014) : Samsung Unpacked 5 Trailer.

Update (20 FEB 2014) : Read today that the Galaxy S5 might be released on March 13th.

Update (19 FEB 2014) : Today the Samsung Exynos twitter account teased us with an image. Is this the 64-bit SoC and is it destined for the Galaxy S5. That would be major cool if so.

Update (11 FEB 2014) : New teaser image hints at redesign TouchWiz UI.

Update (23 FEB 2014) : Summarising some of the rumoured specs of the S5 I have read. What others have you read about?

  • Retina scanner
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • 3GB RAM
  • 2K display
  • 20 MP ISOCELL camera
  • Android 4.4 Kit Kat
  • Revamped Touchwiz
  • Metal body
  • Rapid charging batteries
  • 64-bit processor
  • Stereo speakers
  • 128GB version
  • No physical home/back/menu buttons
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • Cheaper price
  • Water and dust proof
  • Dedicated camera button

Samsung has sent out invitations for their event as part of MWC 2014. Maybe we will see the Galaxy S5 at the February 24 event. I will be tuning in to the live stream and live blogs and updating this blog post. Then we'll have to see when the device becomes available in Trinidad.


  1. not impressed much at all...

    1. was expecting the 3gb RAM, a fully functional octacore processor, OIS, less cheaper looking body, wireless charging out of box...

  2. slight update as expected, really wish the native android experience was a real option as the play store edition is expensive

  3. Enjoyed watching it. Was expecting better specs.

  4. Will wait for camera comparisons and so on before jumping on the bandwagon. But it seems like a nice choice.