National ICT Plan Trinidad and Tobago 2012 - 2016

I found the draft document on the Ministry of Planning website. I am guessing it has to be reviewed and amendment and then made final. Not sure if that has happened as yet. Here are the key points I took away from the draft.

  • Advisory roles, government technocrats, focus groups, review panels and online consultations contributed to the plan.
  • Government has identified ICT as one of seven inter-connected pillars for sustainable national development.
  • Dubbed SmartTT, it is a comprehensive five-year strategy.
  • It encapsulates five themes; Innovation and Human Capital Development, Access and Digital Inclusion, e-Business and ICT Sector Development and e-Government.
  • It is a successor to the previous plan that was called Fast Forward.
  • Creating and promoting local digital content.
  • Increasing the accessibility and affordability of technologies.
  • Over the past few years Caribbean countries have been steadily moving up in global ICT ratings.
  • By 2027 we should become an industrial and consumer ICT research centre and a net exporter of ICT services.
  • One strategic thrust is bridging the digital divide.
  • One key initiative is stimulating ICT demand to encourage e-commerce adoption.
  • There is a need for a mindset change to transition to a new knowledge-based economy.
  • The Government is accountable for the progress and success of the National ICT Plan.
  • Funding through a central fund and a "3P" fund to encourage Public Private Partnerships.
  • An ICT governance structure is essential to ensure the successful implementation of the Plan.
  • Some of the supporting mechanisms include
    • Green Computing and Sustainable ICT
    • Free / Libre / Open Source Software (FLOSS)
    • Inter-Island Connectivity
  • Broadband Vision: To deliver a future-proof broadband infrastructure capable of delivering access speeds of 100 Mbps and above to the majority of the population by 2016.

Have a read yourself and let me know what stands out for you in the comments below.

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  1. did you not find that the document was all fluff and little substance?

  2. It could have included more specific action items.

  3. not could have. supposed to. fast forward was a better document. if you can find it i would be grateful.

  4. I think adopting a good ecommerce structure would be beneficial to all small businesses. However, all local banks must take an active role.