Digital Divide Survey Trinidad and Tobago 2013

The results of the digital divide survey report has been published by TATT. I have glanced through the report and this is what I gather. It is long with a lot of metrics and expert language so I tried to simplify it in my mind as follows.

  • The main aim is "to pinpoint the underserved communities within Trinidad and Tobago".
  • The digital divide is the gap between those that have and do not have access to ICTs.
  • The service providers will be requested to provide service to the underserved areas.
  • Regions in Tobago trail those in Trinidad overall.
  • Underserved areas have poor infrastructure.
  • There is a link between a computer in the household and income level.
  • There needs to be incentives to get connected.

Have a look and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

direct download link


  1. It's a lot to absorb....thanks for posting.

  2. Downloaded the pdf to check out. Thanks for posting.

  3. 146 pages tldr. But seems your conclusions are in line with prevailing opinion. Was there anything unexpected that you saw in the report?

  4. Well that sucks, so no insights gained in 146 pages :(

  5. The best place to gain insight was at the end with their suggestions to help narrow the digital divide in Dec 2013, 2014 and onwards. The next issue is implementation of those suggestions.

  6. Look out for a guest post later this week from someone who will give better insight.