Samsung CES 2014 Press Conference

The tech circles are abuzz with what is going on at CES, Las Vegas. I tuned in to the Samsung presser and these are the points that I took away. Some chill music while the crowd waited and a lady saying keep all isles clear and we begin momentarily. I felt spiffy in my lucky blue shorts. Viewers on the YouTube live stream crossed 8500.

  • 4 key factors that will change world
    • connectivity
    • urbanisation
    • population growth
    • devastating weather events 
  • Samsung Smart Home
    • A protective, flexible and responsive home
  • Living smarter and living your passions drives Samsung's innovation.
  • PGA app developed
  • Mark Cuban comes to the stage
  • UHD is going to drive the next change in the TV industry
  • Samsung curved UHD TVs brought on stage
  • Michael Bay comes to the stage
  • 3D effect without glasses, upscaling, dimming and video packs
  • Bendable TV (Why????)
  • Food showcase refrigerator
  • An advisory board of chefs
  • People want to do more with their tablets
  • Powerful multitasking and great specifications
  • Range of cameras

I felt sorry for Michael Bay. Man freeze up on stage. I would have too. Here are some selected screen shots. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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