Embedded YouTube Videos in Tweetdeck on Windows 8

I use TweetDeck on Windows 8 to keep up with my twitter stream. I've always had a problem where embedded YouTube videos would not play within TweetDeck. I would have to use an extra click on 'View original' to open in the browser. Today I challenged myself to stop being lazy and try to fix this problem once and for all.

It didn't take me long to find a fix for the problem. One side discovery I made was that if I ran TweetDeck in compatibility mode I would get TweetDeck update to work. And with the update, when you click the media link it opens in your browser and when you click the preview it opens within TweetDeck. My mind told me it had something to do with flash player. I installed flash player for IE but that didn't help. Flash worked with Chrome (my main browser). What I had to do was install flash for other browsers from the download link. Bingo!!! It worked.

and the result below :) ... hopefully this helps someone with the same or similar annoyance.

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