Trinidad Budget 2013

This post will attempt to extract in bullet form all the technology related components of the 2013 Trinidad and Tobago budget. Please let me know if I missed anything. Similar was done for the last budget. I glanced over that list and it wasn't obvious to me, as a citizen and IT professional, what was implemented or not, granted some items span multiple years.

  • ... and software industries are all being encouraged to become world-class.
  • ... strengthening tax-collection efforts through institutional strengthening and technological enhancements;
  • Police vehicles are now being equipped with GPS technology.
  • 75 police charge rooms are currently being computerised.
    • Video conferencing is now being made available.
  • Our priority sectors are: financial services, tourism, information and communication technology, downstream energy industries, agriculture, creative arts and the maritime sectors.
  • The Ministry of Science and Technology is far advanced in the development of a national information, communication and technology policy.
  • ... will continue to focus on curricula reform, teacher training, new teaching methodologies and technology in particular, the provision of laptops for each student commencing secondary school.

The budget statement stated - "The Minister of Science and Technology will expand on our plans in this area when he speaks in the debate." The debate starts on Friday and I will expand the above list as needed.

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