Progress Report 2012

It's almost 2 years since I started this blog. I've been blogging for 8 years in total. I thought that now would be a good time to do my progress report for this year (see previous : Progress Report 2011). I will start off by looking at the numbers as follows

  • 70,000+ blog views to date
  • 70%+ visitors are from Trinidad and US
  • May 2012, first month to cross 10,000 blog views
  • "Digicel Trinidad 4G Network" blog post first to cross 2,000 and 3,000 page views
  • 278 blog posts written to date
  • 834 comments posted to date (including comments collated from other streams)
  • Blog views may not include most of the estimated 80+ RSS subscribers

Based on those numbers I would say, good stuff with room for improvement. Looking forward to when the blog crosses 100,000 blog views. The highlight for the the past year for me would be me finally getting my hands on a Galaxy Note. I was continuously yapping about the Note ever since it was launched. Now to talk a little about the style of the blog. My style is as follows

  • At least one high quality image or video to each post
  • Short, timely, accurate, simple and summarised blog posts. I love bullet points
  • Posting to all my social streams to give people a choice of where to follow
  • Simple design focusing on quick load time and readability
  • Balanced point of view while sharing my personal preferences and experiences
  • Engaging readers on my social streams

When I was home my blog was my #1 priority. These days my day job (Programmer and now Application Lead) is my #1 priority (professionally). So that is my focus now then my blog then my aspirations of starting my own business so that I would always have something to fall back on. Constantly thinking of ways to improve what I do. Tech term a day is one example. The other day I was in Papa Johns and on the wall was the story about how they started. This inspired me to think about the TECHTT brand and the possibilities for the future. Cheers to another year of blogging and thanks for all the support.


  1. Aneil RaghunananMay 27, 2012 at 10:11 AM

    I only recently discovered your blog and I thoroughly enjoy it...keep up the good work!

    1. Aneil,did you work at ADB in the 80's?Hassan,great help to me as an analog age person.Wish you continued success.Expect you to make the 100000!

  2. Congrats & all the best with your future endeavors looking forward to read more of your tech-savvy blogs.

  3. Doing a good job man keep it up.

  4. good stuff man! Keep it up :)