Sony 3D Visor

Sony today announced the launch of a 3D Visor [HMZ-T1] at the IFA electronics show in Berlin. It is something they had demoed at a previous CES and it is nice to see them going to market with it. Viewing content through this is as if you are watching a 750" screen from 20m away. It is scheduled to be released in Japan on November 11th. The head mounted display is fitted with .7" OLED HD panels and 5.1 channel surround sound equivalent headphones. It comes with a processor unit that allows you to connect different devices. Take a look at the following introduction video.

I wonder how comfortable it is for extended viewing? Would I be able to use effectively with my computer for normal computer use? I like the idea and it seems like I would be able to immerse myself into whatever I am watching and completely block out external distractions. Price is expected to be $783US which to me is expensive. What are your thoughts?


  1. sony hd 3d visor is nice to have gadget.

  2. interesting stuff coming what about 3D? you think it will be big in homes?

  3. there are some passive technologies but the price is very high on 3D for homes - and without glasses are a must - $100USD too much