Blackberry Event Teaser - What's Next?

Blackberry is having an event on SEP 24 in London, Toronto and Dubai. As a side note, that's a holiday in Trinidad and Tobago (Republic Day) and once there is a livestream I in that. I will update this blog post then. I am looking forward to the launch of the Passport. I like big phones and I cannot lie. According to the teaser, "SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE" There was a time when Blackberry was King in Trinidad and many other markets. Can Blackberry regain some shine? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Nokia IFA Teaser - Maybe Lumia 730

Nokia has teased their SEP 4 IFA event with the above image. 10am CET is 4am Trinidad time. I will set my alarm because I don't want to miss this. The buzz is saying that this could be the Lumia 730 selfie phone with a 5MP front facing camera. Also expected is the Lumia 830. Are you ready for #morelumia? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

LG First To Commercialize 4K OLED TV

If you research OLED vs LED vs LCD you would see that it has several advantages. There are a few disadvantages like lifetime and cost. According to LG their 4K OLED TVs boast the very best display technology currently available. LG 4K OLED TV employs an advanced panel developed by LG Display which features LG’s proprietary Four-Colour Pixel WRGB technology. With 33 million sub-pixels working to produce the most lifelike colours and infinite contrast ratio, viewers will feel like they’re watching the real thing. With richer, brighter and more natural hues, the self-lighting pixels also guarantee deeper blacks and its fast response rate helps the TV render motion flawlessly without flickering or blurring.

These smart TVs are built on the webOS platform. They will be shown off at the upcoming IFA and be available starting in Korea this week and other key markets in North America and Europe to follow soon after. We are being bombarded with smart TVs from all the major manufacturers. No doubt the consumers will benefit from the advances in technology, reduction in price and the competition. Please share your thoughts win us in the comments below.

Google India Event Invite - Maybe Android One Launch

The internet is circulating a Google invite/teaser for a SEP 15 event in India. The invite states, "more details closer to the date!" Speculation is that it will be an Android One launch. Android One is a standard for low cost OEM phones. These phones will run stock Android and get updates directly from Google. I will be following this closely and update this blog post when more information becomes available. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

LACNIC Caribbean 6 – CaribNOG 8 (Curacao)

Curacao will be host to the upcoming LACNIC Caribbean 6 and CaribNOG 8 event from SEP 29 to OCT 3. CaribNOG stands for Caribbean Network Operators Group and LACNIC stands for Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre. According to the CaribNOG website, "a key objective of CaribNOG is to better position the Caribbean to address critical technology challenges and issues and to collaboratively derive relevant solutions." LACNIC website says, "the meeting seeks to address issues specific to the region, to open up lines of communication and provide networking opportunities, as well as provide specialized technical training." The meeting will touch on topics like network security, DNSSEC, cloud computing trends, IPV6 for the enterprise, Caribbean IXPs, peering and CDNs. The event is being sponsored by organisations like, Amsix, Internet Society, Microsoft and Google. On the agenda will be presentations, workshops and other activities led by experts like Carlos Martinez, Stephen Lee, Sofia Silva, Alejandro Acosta, Mark Kosters, Brent McIntosh, Chris Roberts, Rusell O´Neil, Arturo Servin, Steve Spence and Robin Ryan. I will try to follow the event and contact some of the experts and update this blog post accordingly. If you attend feel free to come back and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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