Mobile World Congress 2016 Launches and Livestreams

I am looking forward to the launches and announcements from Mobile World Congress 2016. Below are the events I will be paying attention to. I am in the process of compiling all the livestreams. This is a work in progress and I will be updating as I get more information. If you have more information please share with me in the comments below.

Samsung Unpacked 2016
Feb 21 - livestream

Feb 21 - no livestream link as yet

Feb 21 - livestream

Feb 22 - no livestream link as yet

Tech Remix Weekly 017 - FEB 2016 [with CC]

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Caribbean Tech Developer Group

Good afternoon Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the internet and welcome to Tech Remix Weekly episode number 17.

Should @twitter increase the 140 character limit? This question received 7 votes. Yes 43% and no 57%.

Caribbean Tech Developer Group : A messaging group was created in Slack to bring together discussions on Caribbean tech. There are several channels like general, dev talk, design and jobs. Link to join the group in the description.

Samsung Unpacked 2016 : So what might we see? A S7 and S7 edge of course. Maybe a new Gear VR with positional tracking. The tagline is “Get ready to rethink what a phone can do” Rumour has it that the Micro SD slot will return and we could see Samsung’s take on force touch. Mark your calendars. February 21 from Mobile World Congress.

#MoveItMonday : I mentioned it before and I am going to mention it again. We spend a lot of time sitting and behind screens. We need to strike a balance and take care of ourselves. I recently started following the @MoveItMonday twitter account. I like what they are promoting. Be reminded that you should consult your doctor before starting an exercise regimen.

Choosing an ISP : More and more internet options in Trinidad now. Do your research and compare. Ask questions. What are your needs? Think about speed and price, ping times (are you a gamer), tech being used, bundles, customer service, upload speeds (for things like remote video monitoring), experience of others (especially in your neighbourhood), is there throttling and how much persons and devices are in your home.

Shoutout : This week a shoutout goes to TekhSquare, link in description below.


  • WhatsApp announced on February 1 that they had reached 1 billion users.
  • Jamaica has approved another mobile provider for their market.
  • Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has surpassed Apple to become the most valuable tech company based on market capitalisation.

This Week’s #TechJoke : After a long weekend without your phone, you learn what's really important in life. Your phone.

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Media Release : Advices on Use of Drones and Laser Lights

29 January 2016 - It has come to the attention of the Ministry of National Security that Unmanned Aerial Systems, commonly called drones, are being used in a manner that can cause danger to persons and property and may invade the privacy of persons. The Ministry of National Security is calling upon all members of the public, including all visitors, to exercise caution and avoid operating such devices over public buildings and spaces.

The public is advised that in keeping with the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Act, there are certain areas which are designated as No Fly Zones. The public is strongly encouraged to avoid operating drones in those areas as they may cause harm and injury to authorised users within the Zones. These No Fly Zones will be published in the media for the information of the public. As we seek to promote the safety and security of the public, the Ministry of National Security in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA) is calling on all persons owning or operating a drone to visit the TTCAA to have the drones registered, in keeping with current arrangements to address this issue.

The public is asked to observe the following:

  • Drones should not be operated in any open air function or mass public gathering.
  • Drones should not be flown at a height greater than 121 metres or 400 feet above the ground.
  • Drones should not be operated in a manner that may endanger persons or property.
  • Drones should not be operated within 5 kilometres from any manned aircraft operations including the boundary of the Piarco International and ANR Robinson International Airports.


The shining of laser lights during aircraft landing or taking off is strictly prohibited by law. Persons caught so doing will be arrested and may be prosecuted in the Courts.

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Press Release : Microsoft Gold Certification For Digi-Data

Port of Spain, 28th January 2016 - Another Digi-Data milestone with Microsoft Gold! Digi-Data Systems Limited, the most trusted IT services company in T&T since 1984 announces attainment of Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity competency.

This achievement underlines Digi-Data’s commitment to Cloud services, and is the successful outcome of a concerted effort to develop the competencies and deploy solutions to clients.

With this recognition in hand, Digi-Data becomes the only IT service provider headquartered and fully staffed in T&T, with the competency to deliver valuable Cloud services. SMEs to Large businesses can use Digi-Data’s expertise to deploy cloud solutions to help them:

  • Do more with less: use collaboration tools to reduce dependency on headcount
  • Get results faster: use cloud services to give your staff access to vital data anytime, anywhere
  • Spend less capital to improve IT infrastructure: only pay for what you need

“We consistently add new competencies which shows our commitment to Microsoft's vision and our focus on developing cloud based services.” says Dominic Banwarie, Manager of the Consulting Department. "This is yet another great milestone achieved by all our staff, one that will bring tremendous value to our clients." says Eddy Devisse, Digi-Data's Chief Operations Officer.

The company's Microsoft competencies are now as follows:

  • Gold Cloud Productivity
  • Gold Volume Licensing
  • Silver Datacentre
  • Silver Collaboration and Content
  • Silver Software Asset Management

Tech I Travel With : Tobago Edition

I see it all the time online. Techie's going to an event showing off the tech they travel with. I only ever travel to Tobago but I thought what the heck why not do my own tech I travel with. I used my Nikon D5000 to take the photo, so that is the only thing missing from the photo. Half my bag ends up with tech and the other half with clothes and everything else. Chargers everywhere. Maybe five years from now everything will be wireless. I have become one of those persons who walks around with two smartphones (S6 Edge+ and S4). I would use the Gear Fit to track my walks if it had GPS. Other items in the photo are the Level Link, 1TB hard drive, Toshiba laptop and Logitech mouse. My bag when full is of the allowed size and fits in the overhead bin, that I'm thankful for. Does an electric toothbrush count as tech? Because I have one of those. The only thing I am missing is a nice (wireless) earbuds and an MP3 player with a radio chip. I'm one of those persons who likes to listen to OTA radio sometimes.