My thoughts on the Samsung 1TB M3 Portable Hard Drive

The price was within my budget. I paid 600TT at Ctrl Alt Del in the Croisee (Same compound with Nanans). It is listed on Amazon for 69US (normally 120US). Slim, light and portable. Supports USB 3.0 but backwards compatible. This is good since my laptop is USB 2.0. According to the packaging I can get up to 480 Mbps on USB 2.0 and up to 5 Gbps on USB 3.0. 1TB is plenty of storage for that price. I was checking out a 500GB for similar price. In the box you get the hard drive and USB cable and documentation. I was surprised to learn that the drive is actually manufactured by Seagate but branded as Samsung. It looks like older technology since it started selling on Amazon in 2012. The main reason I purchased the drive is to backup my photos and data. It comes with some features like SafetyKey (password for backups), SecretZone (encrypted area) and AutoBackup software. It is powered through USB. I noticed that Windows lists the capacity of the drive as 930GB. I read online that that is because drive manufacturers divide by 1000 (and not 1024). Under disk management I don't see any reserved space. As an example of speed. I was able to transfer 75GB (12,000 files) in 27 minutes (on USB 2.0). Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and hope it gives me years of usage. I checked some of the reviews on Amazon UK and most were good. It receives a 4.5/5 stars (from 7122 reviews). Advice to myself and others. Never depend on a single copy of anything. A drive can die or get corrupted or lost or whatever. Have multiple copies of your important data in different locations and offline and online. Also I am challenging myself to use the "Safely Remove Hardware" option in Windows instead of just yanking the USB cord out.

Ask A Techie 20 Questions - Payton Wilmott - Tech Writer

I can't remember exactly how I came across his online presence but now I am following him on instagram, feedly and YouTube. Payton is a tech writer with the Jamaica Gleaner. He recently attended the Samsung Unpacked event in New York. It's a positive to see persons in the region adding their thoughts to the tech space. Even though he is really busy, he took the time to take part in this blog's #20Questions.

How would you define a techie?

Well, I would define a techie as a person who craves for knowledge about technology and won’t rest until he or she learns something new about technology each day.

What made you fall in love with tech?

I fell in love with tech the first time I saw Doom on PC in 1994. I was fascinated that persons could make games of that quality on PC and I wanted to know how to do it myself.

How has tech improved your life?

The ability to send and receive emails from your Smartphone is a feature that is simple to most people but I was there when it wasn’t possible. This has made my life as writer much easier.

Who is your favorite tech YouTuber?

This is a hard one to answer it’s a tie between Erica Griffin and Marques Brownlee.

Describe the state of ICT in Jamaica

I really wish Jamaica had better data speed for mobile internet, and better upload speeds for household users. As it is now, Jamaicans constantly complain about inconsistencies in their internet speeds.

Tell us anything about yourself

I’m a gamer at the core of my being. I love to play video games, and it shows if you look up my gamer score for my Xbox profile and my PS profile.

Most prized gadget you own?

My most prized gadget is my Nokia N95 8GB version. The best Smartphone to date… Don’t judge me.

What are some of the challenges of being a tech journalist?

It is hard to get hands on experience with devices to review in Jamaica. Most major companies have no interest in the Jamaican market, but the Jamaican public wants to know about these devices from an experienced hands on point of view. I wish I was able to get devices the public wanted to know about.

What are your thoughts on working from home?

Working from home is a no no for me, too much distraction at home to get any work done. Work is best done at work.

What are your thoughts on hover boards?

I don’t believe hover boards exist the way we see them in the movies. Until it reaches that level of mobility I’m not interested.

Team work or individual work?

I like to be alone and depend on myself; so I embrace doing individual work.

Why is a river so rich?

Because it has two banks…?

What do you wish there was an app for?

An app for want women wants.

What are your favorite apps?

My favorite apps are Whats App, Snapseed, WPS Office, TV Show Favs, and Google Keep.

What upcoming tech event would you like to cover?

I would love to attend the Mobile World Congress that is going to be held in Barcelona, Spain.

Your thoughts on the Note 5?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a phablet that doubles as a powerful productivity tool. The little time I have gotten with it I can only speak to design. It feels much better in the hands than the Note 4, but the lack of removable storage and smaller battery has me wondering what my full review results might be.

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

I play video games and surf the web for new information about technology.

What future technology interests you?

I’m fascinated about drones and I would love to get my hands on one to review, or buy. The one I’m most interested in is the drone named Lily.

What project would you like to work on if money was not an objective?

I would love to work on an android phone from scratch. I want to build the perfect device for android users and sell it at the lowest possible cost.

What question would you ask the next techie?

Why is society getting less educated the more we advance in technology?

Press Release : Back to school with ALCATEL ONETOUCH

Summer break is over and one of the most thrilling activities when going back to school is getting everything you need: your school supplies, backpack and the hi-tech devices that will help you do better in school, while getting your homework done in a fun way.

ALCATEL ONETOUCH offers two different 7-inch PIXI 3 tablets in order to stay in touch with your classmates and friends. It also allows you to take notes, download useful apps to help you organize test dates, as well as due dates which are sometimes difficult to remember.

PIXI 3 tablets have a 7-inch screen and an amazing design. The PIXI 3 (7) is available in matte grey and the PIXI 3 (7)+ in black. Whatever you combine them with, you will always look great!

Its compact size and slim design will let you take your tablet anywhere without making your bag or backpack heavy or bulky.

The PIXI 3 (7)+ features Miracast wireless technology, which lets you view all the contents of your tablet on a larger screen by mirroring the device on your TV, thus enjoying your contents without ever losing any detail.

It’s perfect for those moments when you want to relax and check your social networks, get updated with everything that is going on and make plans with your friends.

We know that having a tablet with fast navigation really matters, that’s why the 7-inch PIXI 3 features a 1.3-Ghz Quad Core processor, providing amazing graphics and a fast experience when browsing the Internet, downloading apps or games, or watching your favorite movies and videos.

Do you love storing all your favorite memories? PIXI 3 tablets are equipped with amazing cameras to capture superb images. The PIXI 3 (7)+ has a 5-megapixel camera that will give you the best resolution at all times. The PIXI 3 (7) has a 2-megapixel camera, which is perfect for clear, good-quality photos.

But, what about the memory when you store so many multimedia files? Don’t even worry about it! The PIXI 3 is available with two different memory sizes: 8GB ROM plus 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM plus 1GB RAM. It also supports a micro SD memory that can keep up to 32GB! Isn’t that unbelievable?

And as we know city traffic is chaos at all times, the PIXI 3 (7)+ has a very useful GPS, which suggests the best routes to get to your destination faster and more easily. What a great app!

Facebook Tip : See Who Liked Your Page

There are so many areas when navigating the admin areas of a page on Facebook. It may not be immediately obvious where everything is. You can look around long enough or you can Google for an answer. Also things change around after a while on Facebook. This afternoon I decided I wanted to look at the last few persons that liked my facebook page. I eventually found where that was and I am sharing it here.

Go to Notifications. Then on the left hand side you'll see a box that says Get More Likes and a link to See Likes. The problem with this is that it does not show all the time and chances are it shows up from time to time in other areas. When it did show again I captured the URL. It is

where you have to substitute your own page id. Where do you get your page id? It is under About then Page Info and scroll to the end. Sharing here to help others looking to do the same.

Press Release : SAP France data center includes “on-demand” cooling designed by Schneider Electric

SAP France data center cooling by Schneider Electric -

Incorporated in the InfraStruxure high-density urbanization solution, Air Flow Controler ensures intelligent cooling management to reduce the carbon impact and energy consumption of SAP France IT room.

Port of Spain (Trinidad), 20th August 2015 – Schneider Electric, a world specialist in energy management, worked alongside SAP France to design the new data center hosting its information system and professional applications. Installed on the 14th floor of its new French headquarters in Levallois-Perret, its 80 square meters house an 18-rack integrated solution.

The leader in business applications is, in fact, working steadily towards becoming a green business model, compatible with the international standards of a recognized sustainable economy to meet the expectations of shareholders, customers and employees.

SAP is therefore committed to improving its economic and environmental performance in the long-term, for example, by reducing its carbon emissions over the next five years to the level they were at during the 2000s.

In 2013, SAP France decided to consolidate its activities on a single site

In this context, SAP issued a call for tenders to select the provider that could transform 80 m² of office space into a data center that would be operational in less than 6 months. The specifications included a number of constraints: The data center had to have low energy consumption, be intelligent, respect SAP's environmental policy and, above all, be ready for the arrival of 400 employees in July 2014.

Schneider Electric handled all of the energy infrastructure, cooling, power distribution and protection, the raised floor, urbanization of the white space, as well as the management part with StruxureWare for Data Center DCIM software.

"Schneider Electric offered us a turnkey solution including an innovative cooling system, which was a decisive factor in the selection process. But their ability to design the server room in its entirety was a definite asset. It was very advantageous to have a single contact, as it gave us a global view of the planning", explained Joseph Cinquanta, IT Account Manager at SAP France.

New generation intelligent cooling

For the urbanization of the IT room, Schneider Electric proposed its InfraStruxure solution: an integrated, fully customizable and modular offer which guarantees the highest availability and operational efficiencies of the information system. It includes modular power, precision cooling, security, integrated monitoring and management.

The room is cooled by a complete combination of solutions comprising cooling production, distribution and intelligent management.

Cooling production is provided by Uniflair free-cooling chiller units, which are installed on the roof of the building, and which required a rather spectacular method of delivery: the narrow street in which the 22-story SAP France building is situated meant that the chillers had to be winched into place from a Super Puma helicopter.

Cooling distribution is provided by the InRow precision air conditioning system installed within the IT racks. These units capture heat as close as possible to the emission source, i.e. the servers. Connected to the EcoAisle solution, which ensures hot aisle containment, this system increases the cooling efficiency.

A genuine Schneider Electric innovation, the Air Flow Controler connects the chillers installed on the roof to the cooling units installed in the data center. The latter control cooling only when necessary, based on the parameters measured in the containment: temperature, hygrometry, air flow, thereby avoiding significant energy loss.

This system gives SAP France a target PUE level of 1.3.

The power protection is ensured by Symmetra PX modular UPS.

This installation also includes 17 service areas, each of which contains 2 racks and an InRow cooling system, on all floors for horizontal distribution on each level.

The data center is managed by StruxureWare for Data Center, the DCIM software suite from Schneider Electric. It generates automatic reports, giving the information systems director an overview of the energy consumption and signaling any problems in real time.

A turnkey data center delivered in 6 months

The project's success and adherence to a strict schedule relied on two specific factors inherent to SAP and Schneider Electric.

At Schneider Electric, cooperation between the different SAP departments is welcomed: "Throughout the project, the strong involvement of SAP IT Management together with Facilities, enabled to build a state-of-the-art datacenter in terms of energy efficiency and availability in record time", explained Franck Laporte, Data Center Sales Account Manager at Schneider Electric France.

Joseph Cinquanta, IT Account Manager at SAP France, emphasized Schneider Electric's ability to handle a project in its entirety: "In my 15-year career, this is the first time I've seen a solution operational from day 1! The all-in-one approach offers definite advantages".

Configuration details

  • 2 scalable Symmetra PX160 and PX96 modular UPS per module of 16 to guarantee optimal efficiency
  • 18 NetShelter SX racks in the data center + 34 racks in the service areas
  • 6 new generation InRow Cooling units with hot aisle confinement & "Air Flow Controler" system + 17 standard InRow Cooling units in the service areas
  • StruxureWare for Data Center DCIM software solution – Operation & Energy Efficiency modules
  • Automatic LED lighting, automatic door
  • 2 Uniflair free cooling chillers
  • Schneider Electric cabinets and circuit breakers
  • Uniflair by Schneider Electric raised floor