Press Release : Mr. Hospitality, Anthony Phills designs Hilton HHonors 2.0 Android Application

Photo by: Madeline Eiden

Los Angeles, CA : Two time Codie Award winner designer, Caribbean-born Entrepreneur and mobile specialist, Anthony Phills, whose work can be seen in the Hilton HHonors 2.0 mobile application available now in the Google Play Store.

" ...Awesome app update..." - Google

Working with Hilton's D3 and Mobileforming as lead Android designer, Phills redesigned the HHonors from the ground up. He incorporated Google's new material design through the overall look and feel of the application.

With the new look, users will be presented with a better user experience, bolder look, edge-to-edge photography during the booking process and a total redesign process of multi-room bookings with interactive cards. After you have finished booking a room through the HHonors application take the time to look at the new RUA (Request Upon Arrival) sections with the updated design.

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Download HHonors Android App: LINK

Press Release : A New Listening Experience with the Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 looks and feels fundamentally different to any of its predecessors. It sounds different, too. That’s because the Galaxy S6 comes equipped with a powerful speaker and amp, so that you can enjoy richer, clearer sound when listening to music or making and receiving phone calls.

The powerfully enhanced amp and 1.2-watt speaker — which is in fact 50 percent stronger than the Galaxy S5 — is tucked inside the slim, 6.8-millimeter Galaxy S6 and easily outperform most existing smartphones in the market. But including an amp and speaker so powerful in such a slim body was no easy task. Samsung’s team of developers achieved this by maximizing the smartphone’s bass performance and adopting an enhanced speaker with higher output.

The voice and sound quality during phone calls is now clearer than ever before. When talking on the phone in a noisy environment, the Galaxy S6 will automatically reduce the background noise and help you to more easily hear the person on the other end. The smartphone can also automatically adjusts the volume of transmitted voices to an appropriate level when you use the speakerphone function or your earphones.

In fact, regardless of which type of earphone you use, the Galaxy S6 has the ability to automatically detect the characteristics of the earphone in use and adjust the volume to the optimal level, for greater sound quality when listening to music. This is made possible by a powerful audio codec chip that is built into the Galaxy S6. The audio codec chip has one of the finest signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) among smartphones currently available in the market and can also play up to 192 kHz with a 24-bit super high-quality sound source.

Gear Fit Manager, S4 and CyanogenMod

Since I switched my S4 to CM 11 I lost access to my Gear Fit. I got the Gear Fit Manager apk (and the Gear Fit Installer apk) from a link on the xda forum. However it kept crashing when I tried to connect the Gear Fit to the S4 via bluetooth.

Tonight I was determined to get this thing working. After troubleshooting for a few I found out that the problem with Samsung phones and custom ROMs and the apk is that I needed to edit build.prop and set ro.product.manufacturer=[anything but samsung]. I set mines to HTC. I have no idea what problems this could cause otherwise but it works for this problem.

To edit build.prop I installed ES File Explorer. I set Root Explorer to ON. You will get a prompt when starting and when saving the file. I select Allow. Exit and reboot the phone.

Install the latest Gear Fit Installer and Gear Fit Manager apks (I found that to be 1.117.0306). Gear Fit Installer apk is located in the Extracted folder.

You will be prompted to update your firmware the first time your run Gear Fit Manager. I did this. The clock setting under Home Screen Styler crashes the app and other things may not work but at least I get time and notifications.

Sharing on my blog here to help anyone with a similar situation. Feel free to leave a comment if you need help with this or if you have other suggestions to add.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch Event (Trinidad)

It's 3am in the morning and I am here drafting this blog post. I had to go to Google Maps to get directions to Home. Making sure I know where I am going so that I can direct the Maraval taxi driver if need be.

My camera's battery has been charged. I doubled checked that the SD card is in there and that the camera works by taking a few test shots. My faithful Nikon D5000 has been with me since end of 2010.

The mobile providers Digicel and bMobile are already taking preorders. Some mobile shops already have the S6 on sale. I would love to review the S6. Here is a link to my Note 4 review. I already have ideas for videos and articles.

Traditionally my blog post has to go live the same night as the launch. I work speedily to select and edit the best photos. Here is the photo story of what took place at the launch.

Welcome to Home

Reception area


Moms. She says she can't wait for me to upgrade so she can get the S4

Lounge area

Must take that selfie

The crowd awaits the start

Welcome remarks by Gracia Whyte, Manager at Samsung

Kenneth Moore goes through the features of the phones

The crowd gives full attention

Rakesh Goswami of TSTT gets a hands on

Local tech YouTuber (T3CHSMASH) tries to get the perfect shot

Guests admire the S6 and S6 edge

S6 feels lovely in my hands

How many of them can you name?

Entrance at night

Here are links to the previous Samsung launches that I have attended. This makes it four years of covering Samsung events locally.