Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch Event (Trinidad)

It's 3am in the morning and I am here drafting this blog post. I had to go to Google Maps to get directions to Home. Making sure I know where I am going so that I can direct the Maraval taxi driver if need be.

My camera's battery has been charged. I doubled checked that the SD card is in there and that the camera works by taking a few test shots. My faithful Nikon D5000 has been with me since end of 2010.

The mobile providers Digicel and bMobile are already taking preorders. Some mobile shops already have the S6 on sale. I would love to review the S6. Here is a link to my Note 4 review. I already have ideas for videos and articles.

Traditionally my blog post has to go live the same night as the launch. I work speedily to select and edit the best photos. Here is the photo story of what took place at the launch.

Welcome to Home

Reception area


Moms. She says she can't wait for me to upgrade so she can get the S4

Lounge area

Must take that selfie

The crowd awaits the start

Welcome remarks by Gracia Whyte, Manager at Samsung

Kenneth Moore goes through the features of the phones

The crowd gives full attention

Rakesh Goswami of TSTT gets a hands on

Local tech YouTuber (T3CHSMASH) tries to get the perfect shot

Guests admire the S6 and S6 edge

S6 feels lovely in my hands

How many of them can you name?

Entrance at night

Here are links to the previous Samsung launches that I have attended. This makes it four years of covering Samsung events locally.

Ask A Techie 20 Questions - Stephen Williamson - Managing Director

I came across an interview with Stephen, Co-founder and Director at Pandosoft, on my facebook stream and decided to reach out to him to take part in #20Questions. He graciously agreed to it and here are his responses.

How would you define a techie?

A techie is someone who is fond of technology and it's use to make the world a better place.

What are some of the challenges you face as an entrepreneur?

We are currently boot-strapping so the most challenging thing is to manage cash-flow while working on our MVP.

What are your thoughts on bitcoins?

It seems interesting, I will have to watch it a bit before I can formulate an opinion about it.

If you had to choose a job outside of tech, what would it be?


What global tech event would you like to attend?

That would be Comic-con. Not-exactly tech but yeah.

Describe the state of ICT in Jamaica.

It's improving. We have a robust communication infrastructure and Government agencies are realizing the huge potential of Tech Start-ups and their ability to compete in a global marketplace.

Tell us anything about yourself.

I love to create value on a massive scale.

Most prized gadget you own?

My portable charger (It saved my life many times).

What is the best time to get work done for you?

Early in the morning when the office is quiet.

What are four mobile apps you can't live without?

Whatsapp, Live365, Bible, Some casual game which changes every couple of weeks

What feature do you wish your browser had?

A pop-in/pop-out minidock that shows mobile versions of sites (like facebook and gmail) I regularly visit for quick access.

If you have a drone, what would you use it for?

To collect traffic data which would be processed to identify best locations for businesses.

Why do you think the Google search engine is so successful?

Simplicity and customer-centric design.

Do you prefer public transport?


How can a man go eight days without sleep?

If he is driven by the passion of creating something great and doesn't have much time.

What is your smartphone of choice and why?

Iphone, it's beautiful design and attention to detail.

What dress code is best suited for tech jobs?

Be comfortable but remember you are your brand. Your clothes is your office-front and your signature style is your logo. What kind of brand do you wish to portray?

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

Go to the beach and watch the waves. Chill with friends, have a few drinks and watch movies.

What would you say to a tech company to convince them to open an office in Jamaica?

We have amazing, talented individuals who are seeking places to grow and make a difference.

What question would you ask the next techie?

What drives your passion for technology?

Caribbean Bitcoin Exchange

So what is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency. When I read that Bitt was launching a bitcoin exchange in the Caribbean I decided to reach out to them to answer some questions that came to my mind. I am sharing my questions and their answers here. I encourage you to learn more to decide if this could benefit you.

What is a bitcoin exchange?

Bitt’s bitcoin exchange is a platform which matches buyers and sellers of bitcoins, facilitated through funds held on our accounts. Ownership of these funds swaps during transactions from fiat currency (government issued tender) to bitcoins.

What is the benefit for the man on the street?

Bitt provides access to digital financial transactions at a fraction of the cost of more traditional financial institutions, thus allowing the ‘man on the street’ to conduct business with drastically reduced transaction fees using Bitcoin.

How do I pay for bitcoins?

You first sign up to and a bitcoin wallet is created for you. Once you have completed the verification process, you can transfer funds to our holding account and we credit your account. You can then execute trades to purchase BTC through our platform.

Is my money insured?

Bitt implements a number of stringent transparency, accountability and security policies to protect your personal data and assets against loss, theft, fraud and natural disasters. Additionally, we maintain 100% reserves in our holding accounts.

How does it work in simple terms?

On the platform you can either buy or sell bitcoins by launching Limit Orders or Market Orders. Limit Orders allow you to set the price at which you want to buy or sell BTC. Market Orders allow you to buy or sell BTC at the best current market price.

Ask A Techie 20 Questions - Russell Williams - IT Professional

This is the thirteenth 20 questions. So far these type of posts have been getting a good amount of views. I am trying to keep it interesting and fun. It has been nice reading what others in the tech space are thinking in this format. I came across Russell from a WINN TV article I was reading. He is an IT Professional from St. Kitts and Nevis. You can connect with him from his website -

How would you define a techie?

I think a techie is anyone, who has a passion and drive to understand technology and bring tech solutions/innovations - of all kinds, science, electronics, mechanics as well as ICTs - to bear on real life challenges and issues which affect people everyday.

What made you fall in love with tech?

My father was always tinkering, he could make anything and I mean anything, from a piece furniture to bike parts or fix a watch (without dating myself, digital watches were some way off). He would bring home Tech magazines and we made some electronics projects together. My brothers and I would watch tech programmes and see all this futuristic stuff and it was amazing.

What global tech event would you like to attend?

I think Free Open Source Developers European Meeting- FOSDEM- would be high on my list and perhaps COMPUTEX in Taiwan

In what ways can the Caribbean benefit from ICT?

I think we really need to look at using technology in ways that can contribute economically. Imparting skills that will be relevant and that can be leveraged to compete globally. Proper and effective use of technology is the only way we can maximise out "Intellectual Property" and intellectual capacity to our advantage and benefit and compete globally. We can't out manufacture the Chinese or the Europeans, but there's no geographic monopoly on creative talent and innovation.

Tell us anything about yourself.

Plain speaking, no nonsense kind a guy with a little patience. Enjoys music, sports and likes to eat!

If you had to choose a job outside of tech, what would it be?

Before choosing my O-Level subjects I took one of those tests to identify the types of job you would be good at. All that came back were tech related jobs, Air traffic control, engineer, electronics engineer etc. etc. so I guess I wouldn't be straying too far from home. But I would like something perhaps in Education, agriculture and engineering, but tech would still have to be somewhere in the mix.

Most prized gadget you own?

After my Swiss Army knife which has a hole in the blade after trying to repair an electric hedge trimmer while still plugged into the mains, would have to be the telephone amplifier I made with my dad many decades ago.

Describe how the internet works

Is that for real? I didn't see a Question Mark! I don't know. Telecoms companies run cables into internet backbone and voilĂ  we pay through the nose for perhaps 60% of the advertised speed for many to spend large chunks of their lives on FastBook.

If you have a drone, what would you use it for?

My late accountant always told me that every expense should have an income head! In other words, it should return a profit! So I would have to find a commercial angle some how, whether marketing or chronicling an event.

Which word is the odd one out: First Second Third Forth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth

Forth! According to Yahoo Answers LOL! Apart from being a river, Forth is also a Programming language!

Best tech advice you have received?

Back ups always work. Recoveries fail, so check your back up actually works!

Why is there still a digital divide?

I would need more specifics i.e. I would need to know where you're speaking of. However, I think essentially it's a question of priorities at an individual and state level. I've seen and heard people, say it's too expensive, I've heard training is too expensive but then these very same people have more bling than Elizabeth Taylor or 2c :-)

What challenges do entrepreneurs face?

Wow, I'm not sure we have that kind of time! Again one would need a point of reference. But if we're speaking of the Caribbean, principally, access to finance has to be key. We hear calls for entrepreneurs to think outside of the box and be creative, come up with the next big thing. But the next big thing begins with an idea, and we don't typically respect ideas in the region. The successes of the future are likely to be service and not asset based. Banks/lending institutions, don't back ideas and they don't lend money for anything they can't reposes.

List five characteristics of a good website

I'm not a web designer, but ease of use and engaging content are up there for me.

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

I listen to classical music, watch TV and try and take in the beach

What do you wish there was an app for?

A pause button on time!!

Team work or individual work?

There is a place for both, but the good books says, "one can put 1000 to flight, ...", and we say, "one hand can't clap". But I learned a new phrase recently, "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far go together" The challenge is know who to have on your team!

Advice you would give to other techies?

The advice is the same as I give to anyone and try to remember myself, try to stay focused, try to keep up to date, failure is an option and don't fear it. Oh and try and live a little.

What question would you ask the next techie?

What's new?

What productivity app/service do you use most and why?

Apart from e-mail, I'm making use of Evernote. Why? Memory degradation. I'm coming to accepting the fact that I'm a mere mortal and that the shortest note is better than the longest memory!